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Matthew Krolak

Master of Science (MS), Electrical Engineering, GPA 3.72 - May 2007
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering with High Distinction, GPA 3.38 - May 2006
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
Master’s Thesis: Optimization of Nozzle Geometry in a Magnitoplasmadynamic Thruster
Deep space exploration missions require high exhaust velocity thrusters in order to maintain reasonable payload mass fractions.  Actively researching plasma physics theory to better understand how to optimize nozzle geometry for a particular power supply.  Designed and built the nozzle and the power supply prototypes.  The result will be a high specific-impulse thruster suitable for deep space missions which will reduce the overall cost of deep space exploration.
Senior Major Qualifying Project:  Tracker for Load Matching and Maximum Power Transfer
Conceptualized and created prototype device that converts power from alternative power sources such as solar panels.  This device would help to fully utilize the power source as efficiently as possible and incorporates a switching converter to ensure power is transferred between the source and load at maximum power transfer point over varying source and load conditions. Created control circuitry prototype to be hooked to arbitrary switching power supply. Analyzed device performance and documented results.  Device would use alternative energy sources and help reduce wasted energy and dependency on utilities grid.                                        

Project:  Kinkajou Projector Battery Charger – Design That Matters
Sub-Sahara African countries low literacy rate, adult education happens at night.  Utilities are limited, near pitch black conditions with little education material.  Goal was to create low power microfilm projector to present lesson plans visibly at night using a low power projector and low powered light. 
      The unconventional design combines phase angle dimming with a cascaded SEPIC converter and non-linear feedback characteristics to create ar obust unit capable of being powered by any number of low quality power sources while remaining easily repaired with common components. 
      Created a battery charger that would recharge the battery from a number of sources including a pedal generator, solar cell or straight from the grid. Final product was a very rugged charger which can be repaired from simple parts and could be used by people with little understanding of  electrical equipment. 
      This product reduced costs of presenting lesson plans and also increased the efficiency of adult education classes for these Sub-Sahara nations.

Junior Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project:  Fire Services Museum Audio Tour Prototype
Tasked by the Fire Services Museum in Victoria, Australia to preserve the exhibit history and the personal aspects of their museum tours currently delivered by retired firefighters.  Recorded and archived interviews with retired firefighters to be used in an audio tour.  To ensure the museum had sufficient resources to complete the implementation of the audio tour, established relationships with local universities and government agencies to engage more volunteers.  Also, found additional funding sources for the project.  As a result, the limited museum staff was able to maintain the integrity of the museum exhibit history and also leverage local resources to deliver more informative museum tours.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute at National Instruments, Austin, TX                                                   2006
Software Engineer
For the high school robotics competition, programming and testing the robot had very little time after the design and build were complete. Wrote toolkit using LabVIEW which allowed students to simulate the robot and interface the robot controller to the computer the simulation was running on so that they could program and test the robot before it was built.  Completed working toolkit that accurately modeled the robot and created Camtasia documentation for using the toolkit.  This project enabled students to develop software and test it before the robot physically exists.  Students will have more time to learn the software for their robots and save time and potentially incorporate more features into their robots.
Rutgers University, Office of Naval Research, D.A.R.P.A., New Brunswick, NJ                         2003-2006
Technical Support Engineer
      Supported research project on physiological indicators of deception which was a series of interviews with law enforcement professionals and subjects which were recorded using audio, video and physiological sensors.  Sensor data was recorded to be analyzed to train computers to recognize deception.
      In addition, prepared equipment specifications to purchase equipment for the project.  Installed, integrated and maintained audio and video equipment and various sensors including thermal infrared camera, heart rate sensor, and pupil dilation sensor.  Wrote software program to display and synchronize the data.  Interviewed, hired, and trained other technical support engineers.
Middlesex County Community Theatre, Edison, NJ                                                                       1997-2002
Electrician / Deck Electrician
Maintained the electrical systems related to the lighting for the theatre and rewired lights between shows.
      Installed new electrical services and performed load balancing. Wired special effects and maintained data communication between lighting systems.
Operating Systems:  UNIX, Linux, Windows
Programming Languages:  C, C++, Visual C++, PIC Assembler, x86 Assembler
Packages:  LabVIEW, Matlab, Visual Studio, PSpice, Visio, Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Office Applications:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Engineering Honors - Tau Beta Pi – Nominated
Electrical Engineering - Eta Kappa Nu - Nominated
Theater Honors - Alpha Psi Omega  - Nominated
Electrical Energy Conversion                                                        Power Systems I, II
Applied Control Engineering Power Systems                                Applied Power/E&M in Plasma Thrusters
Control Engineering                                                                      Heat Transfer
Foundations of Embedded Computer Systems                              Microprocessor System Design
Advanced Computer System Design                                             Microelectronic Circuits I, II
Continuous Time Signals and System Analysis                               Discrete Time Signals and System Analysis
Real-Time Digital Signal Processing                                              Semiconductor Devices
Electromagnetic Fields                                                                  Communication Systems Engineering
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