Arcjet Gas Supply

I've spent a lot of time trying to find a high pressure, high flow, high speed valve actuator and eventually came to the conclusion that for a reasonable price, the only real option was to make my own. The basic design is very simple, featuring a common hand operated valve and an electric motor. The valve in this design is a Swagelok hand operated valve ball valve rated up to 2,500 PSI with a cv of about 200. Ball valves are constructed with a ball with a hole in line with the inlet and outlet, which can be rotated via the handle.

Fig 1: Ball Valve Operation

This design is ideal since it allows for easy operation and very high flow rates. Using a shaft adapter, the valve stem can be connected directly to an electric gear-motor, which can be sized to allow for a wide range of rotation speeds and operating torques. Another nice feature of this design is that the ball valve can usually be rotated continuously, which can simplify the overall design.

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